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Anonet is a decentralized IP based darknet. It’s implemented as a bunch of (mostly) peer to peer VPN tunnels over the internet, and (usually Linux based) BGP speaking IP (mostly IPv4) routers. Some people also support peerings via Tor, I2P or Hyperboria. see also Why Anonet


Name Anonet Tor Icann Comment
URC666 urc.d3v11.ano:6667 ( URC666rourhz45bn.onion:6667 URCD
URC666 urc.d3v11.ano:6667 ( 5fpdjsso457digux.onion:6667 URCD
somewhere xz2rtmpjjwvdw44p.onion:6667 URCD, dn42:
somehwere irc.anonet2.ano:6667 ( irglnbn4vudmwbde.onion:6667 URCD
SOAP irc.slj.ano:6667 ( soaptxseg3zvuzv5.onion:6667 N/A URCD, [fd63:1e39:6f73:108::66:1]:6667
NTMA negromancy.ano:6667 ( negrombwwm6yvnrc.onion:6667 N/A URCD, Text Processing
Agora irc.agora.ano:6667 ( heqz7uwayc2t2otu.onion:6667 N/A URCD
Sorbatol irc.sorbatol.ano:6667 ( fpbu2xu2pw4q2vof.onion:6667 N/A URCD
Freeanons urc.freeanons.ano:6667 ( j3pape46gfbankvl.onion:6667 N/A URCD
sfor irc.sfor.ano:6667/6697 ( mhaztct565q27kor.onion:6667 N/A NGIRCD (SSL 6697)
Dragon N/A ad52wtwp2goynr3a.onion:6667 N/A Nameless IRCD, irc.dlms.i2p, &channel sender rewrite


following servers only carry some channels via relay bot:

Name Anonet Tor Icann Comment
Kwaaknet irc.kwaaknet.ano:6667/6697 ( iacs62d7c5izhuma.onion only #anonet is connected to URC
r101 irc.r101.ano:6667/6697 ( N/A N/A InspIRCd-1.1 (SSL 6697)
PBX pbx.namek.ano:6667/6697 ( N/A N/A InspIRCd-1.1 (SSL 6697)
CS N/A xzwmj22kxtrqzcua.onion:6667 N/A InspIRCd-2.0


Anonet Tor Icann Comment
paste.ano lw7b7t7n7koyi6tb.onion Anonet pastebin
fms.ano N/A N/A FMS Forum hosted at freenet
tpb.ano N/A reverse proxy
cryptome.ano N/A reverse proxy
www.namek.ano N/A N/A NewAnoWiki
www.icann.ano N/A -
wiki.negromancy.ano yaiaqf3te6khr3nd.onion A Hidden Wiki
files.negromancy.ano N/A N/A Files served from HTTP/FTP, including a Monastery
www.ucis.ano Personal website with many links and services


Address Comment socks proxy for reaching anonet TLD
susocks client port NaCl encrypted client port to Anonet
OpenVPN client port OpenVPN client port to Anonet
xdagknwjc7aaytzh.onion web proxy for reaching anonet TLD
freenet.ano web proxy for reaching freenet
gaybar.ano torrent tracker
git clone git:// resdb resdb for anonet
git clone git://negrombwwm6yvnrc.onion/ resdb resdb for anonet (via tor)
hg clone resdb resdb for anonet (mercurial),, Anonet public DNS resolvers
fd63:1e39:6f73:107::10:1 This wiki in Anonet IPv6

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