Anonet is a decentralized IP based darknet. It’s usually implemented as a bunch of peer to peer VPN tunnels over the internet and uses BGP to distribute routes. Some people also support peerings via Tor, I2P or Hyperboria. see also Why Anonet.

For any questions related to Anonet feel free to join #anonet at any of these servers:

NameAnonet DNSAnonet IPTorICANNSSLSoftwareComment
irc.anonet2.biz6697generic round robin resolver
Kwaaknetirc.kwaaknet.ano Ano1.3.3.7 Anoiacs62d7c5izhuma.onion Torirc.kwaaknet.org6697UnrealIRCd
SA1.79.3.1 Anoxz2rtmpjjwvdw44p.onion Torsa.anonet2.biz6697UnrealIRCdcloaks hosts
NTMAnegromancy.ano Ano1.1.7.1 AnoURCDcloaks hosts, Text Processing
Freeanons1.0.69.3 Anoj3pape46gfbankvl.onion TorURCDcloaks hosts
sforirc.sfor.ano Ano1.4.7.7 Anomhaztct565q27kor.onion Tor6697NGIRCD

Other means to connect to #anonet:

Dragonad52wtwp2goynr3a.onion Torirc.dlms.i2p I2PNameless IRCD&channel sender rewrite
urc666urc666rourhz45bn.onion TorURCD
CSxzwmj22kxtrqzcua.onion TorInspIRCd-2.0uses urc2sd relaybot to connect #anonet
irc2p dgirc.dg.i2p I2PUnrealIRCd (?)uses urc2sd relaybot to connect #anonet
irc2p Postmanirc.postman.i2p I2PUnrealIRCd (?)uses urc2sd relaybot to connect #anonet
irc2p Echelonirc.echelon.i2p I2PUnrealIRCd (?)uses urc2sd relaybot to connect #anonet


paste.ano Anolw7b7t7n7koyi6tb.onion Torpaste.icann.bzAnonet pastebin
wiki.negromancy.ano Anoyaiaqf3te6khr3nd.onion Toranonet2.bizA Hidden Wiki
forum.ano Anoanonet internal Forum, based on NNTP
files.negromancy.ano AnoFiles served from HTTP/FTP, including a Monastery
www.ucis.ano AnoPersonal website with many links and services
sfor.ano AnoPersonal website
tpb.ano Anothepiratebay.sereverse proxy
cryptome.ano Anocryptome.orgreverse proxy


OpenVPN client portOpenVPN client port to Anonet
x5yd2gfthlfgdqjg.onion Torweb proxy for reaching anonet TLD
git clone git:// for anonet
git clone git:// resdbresdb for anonet
git clone git://negrombwwm6yvnrc.onion/ resdbresdb for anonet (via tor),, public DNS resolvers
fd63:1e39:6f73:107::10:1This wiki in Anonet IPv6

NNTP based decentralized pastebins 

Addressdriven by
paste.sarah.ano AnoSRNd
paste.deliciouscake.ano AnoSRNd
paste.sfor.ano AnoSRNd
paste.ano Anobreaking-news

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