Anonet is a decentralized IP based darknet. It's implemented as a bunch of (mostly peer to peer VPN tunnels over the internet, and (usually Linux based) BGP speaking IP (mostly IPv4) routers.

Anonet has claimed the IPv4 subnetwork to provide every participant with sufficient IPv4 addresses to address the entire network with 'publicly' routable IP addresses. There's usually no need for NAT on Anonet, and people tend to use it to connect to their own computers from locations that would otherwise not allow them to do so (think breaking through firewalls).

Anonet's ultimate goal is to replace the internet as we know it, to provide everybody with a free (freedom of speech) and censorship resistant network, without one ever growing centralized government. Whether this will ever happen is unsure, but resistance against control and censorship by our governments is definitely growing. If you're not in for the freedom, not all hope is lost yet. Anonet is a great place to learn about- and experiment with all kinds of computer networking concepts and technologies. As a participant, you will learn a lot about Virtual Private Networks, BGP, IP routing, Linux, programming and computer networking in general. You can freely deploy your own experimental services, protocols and applications.

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Getting started 

The best way to get started is probably to connect to one of our IRC. There is also a client port available at SOAP


Peerings can be achieved by tunneling software like OpenVPN, QuickTun or Simpletun that come with a variety of advantages and disadvantages.


The routing protocol BGP is supported by Bird. Quagga comes with a collection of common routing protocols and corresponding daemons.