How to edit this wiki 

Cloning Hidden Wiki repo

  • Anonet

    git clone git://

  • Tor

    torsocks git clone git://yaiaqf3te6khr3nd.onion/wikidata

  • IcannNet

    git clone git:// wikidata

  • Hyperboria

    git clone 'git://[fcbe:f9a7:3566:57a9:6ba9:edf8:d7f2:f778]/wikidata'

Warning: You will not be able to push your changes to

Congratulations, you now have a hidden wiki mirror in Markdown and can serve it as you wish!

Editing the Wiki 

git checkout master

Pushing to Hidden Wiki repo

# through tor: torsocks ./git-commit

Alternatively: Editing through web interface