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Nothing but reviews... the good, the questionable, and the bad... it all goes here.

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This article is ONLY for reviews of specific sites. It was created to house all those various opinions and/or facts that would otherwise litter and churn the site listings.

In general, nothing can be proven in the anonymous marketplace. Vendors compete against each other. Sellers steal. Buyers nitpick. Good users and sites are cool, bad ones aren't. Truth, lies, shills and sock puppets abound. Therefore... until such a time as a PKI web of trust evolves within the anonymous community that can give weight to these reviews... the claims herein should not necessarily be believed. Documentary links are welcome. And as usual... as is, where is, user beware.

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All of these things belong on separate pages dedicated to the listed topics, NOT HERE.


  • Online or market 'safety' practices, computer configuration, etc. +

  • How to buy, sell or take part in any given market or market activity. +

  • The nature of the marketplace in general and its associated risks and defenses. +

  • Whether or not a site is up or down (see the main page for that). +

  • A primary list of sites (see the main page for that).

Anonymous Finance 

Generally thought to be good 

  • VEscudero Tor - ? VEscudero's Service for Buying and Selling Bitcoins ?. One of the best traders in the bitcoin world, honest and trustworthy.
  • Acrimonious Tor - ? - Recover my coins after a "probably" scam, so trusted and great service. Cons: Slow communication (24-48h).
  • MisterV Tor in my opinion the best cc-seller in onionland, almost all cards worked and the others where replaced without any questions. Thanks MisterV.
  • msrShop Tor Sells msr card writers, ships from USA. I ordered mine there. Smooth order, good seller! :)
  • BitBlend Tor - Decent turnaround time, roughly an hour. Got none of my own coins back. Really small fee!
  • Anonymous Internet Banking Tor Anonymous Debit Cards with EU bank account and VCCs by A HackBB trusted vendor
  • [WHMX EURO & DOLLAR Counterfeit]http://whmxwxv6lc22itzl.onion.to/ Clearnet Tor As promised if receive, publish a review, and today I received my 1st order. Acceptable quality and it took 12 days but is not a scam, I'm quite satisfied. Edit: Good quality, but slow delivery..15 days to Netherlands. EDIT: The real WHMX is WHMX20@tormail.org and http://whmxwxv6lc22itzl.onion NOT: http://whmxwxvfa2dves5k.onion
  • MrTech Electronics Tor Bought an iPad off this guy. Used full escrow because he's new, got it in about a week, brand new sealed. Really happy!

Generally thought to be bad 

  • anonXchange Tor Used to work. I got scammed 2! Sent money, nothing came back. Edit: Me too. It's a scammer. Also no contact info. Edit: Me too, worked two times, then stopped responding and ran away with two-digit number of EUR.
  • CoinTumblr - Still not working as of 29-05-2011. Was last functioning on 03-2011. Orders since 12-04-2011 were not fulfilled. BlockExplorer shows much activity on 19-04-2011, but more than 650 btc from an order on 12-04-2011 are still not returned. Activity can be seen at this link.
  • Cash Depot Tor This person is a scammer. He gives you the run around for a week. Doesn't give you tracking number and gives you pictures of real currency instead of fake. Do not trust this person!
  • Bitexchange Tor I got scammed. Sent working paysafecard in exchange for bitcoin, never received them. Contacted the site owner via email, no reply.
  • CCparadise This person is a scammer. Sent him BC but didn't receive any CC info. EDIT: Me too. It's a scammer.

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